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Designed by runners for runners
MYRUN TECHNOGYM® is designed to offer you the ultimate running experience, with personalised training programmes and instant running technique feedback. The first solution for running that is simple to use also with your tablet (not included) and that will improve the way you walk and run. Forever.

Use with or without a tablet
Download the My App to your tablet, choose your programme, position the device on the console, press the Single Switch (patent pending) button, and start training.
Otherwise just select your desired speed and incline, press the Single Switch and start moving.

Improve your run
Developed by the Technogym® medical and scientific team, RUNNING RATE (patent pending) is the index that measures your running performance. It grows when you increase speed whilst maintaining the ideal step frequency, improving your efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.

Adaptive and silent platform
Our innovative RUNNING SURFACE adapts to the way you run and reduces the risk of injury by absorbing impact without taking momentum away from your run. It gives you the smoothest and quietest run possible, even at20 kilometres an hour.

Run to the beat
RUNNING MUSIC chooses the songs from your playlist that are best suited to the rhythm of your run, making MY TECHNOGYM® the first music-interactive treadmill ever.

Ready to run in 5 minutes
Custom design and packaging make the DIY assembly process unbelievably simple and fast. You only need 5 minutes to set up and start running.

Lowest energy consumption
MYRUN TECHNOGYM® only turns on as you approach, thanks to the proximity sensor. It uses an average of 700 W at 10Km/h/6.21 mph and returns to standby mode automatically when not in use, with an energy consumption of less than 0.5 W (equivalent to Class AA+ in domestic appliances).

Healthy people, healthy planet
MYRUN TECHNOGYM® has undergone the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a systematic analysis of a product's environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, from cradle to grave.

New materials and solutions
We developed MYRUN TECHNOGYM® using the best Italian state-of-the-art industrial processes and innovative materials derived from the automotive and electronic goods sector.

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