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Geometric Design | Colorful repeating pattern
Geometric Design
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Design wallpaper | Material: non-woven wallpaper with 150 g/m² | width: 48.7 cm | Length per roll: 9 metres | other materials available on request

Exceptional wall designs with African roots

wallunica – bespoke wall design launched jointly with Garreau Designs from California, a new stunning collection of large-format wall designs. The designs of Madagascar born Diana Garreau show very strong African roots. She describes her work as "the product of two extremes - the untamed colour and freedom of Africa and the European discipline with an eye for every detail."

wallunica offers these wall design collection as large scale wall installations and bespoke wall designs. Common to all wall designs of Diana Garreau is the African wasteful use of colour.

Wall designs by Diana Garreau are very attention-grabbing, sometimes shrill and always colourful. They play with classic and modern shapes and combine a mix of different styles. They combine – beside to ornamental patterns - Cubist motifs, paisley designs as well as portraits of women. Each of the designs of Diana Garreau is very unique and unusual.

wallunica presents this extraordinary design work in collaboration with Diana Garreau. Thus wallunica extended its range of exceptional wall designs, suitable for private rooms, office design or exclusive interior design projects. Each of the designs can be made-to-measure and produced on different materials.