Translucent honeycomb panels
Stereo vision for interior design!

Decorative honeycomb composite panel with a unique patented PET core and PET faces
Flame retardant & self extinguishing
Combines stunning visual effects with strength and light weight
Range of thicknesses can be manufactured to suit specific framing systems Easily machined using standard equipment
Panels can be cut to size

Screens, partitions, doors, ceiling panels, fascias, illuminated walls, displays, furniture, shelving
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Colour: transparent
Panel weight: (40 mm thickness) 3.5 kg/m2
Fire standard: B1 (DIN 4102), self extinguishing
Temperature range: From -30oC to + 70oC
Thermal expansion: 0.068 mm/m 1oC, a sufficient expansion joint is required
Core material: WaveCore® PET150-18/S
Outer layers: PET-G 1 mm
Sheet size: max. 2500 x 1250 mm
Thickness range: From 19 to 76 mm