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Gravity™ balans®
Gravity™ balans®
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Relaxing-Recliners >
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The power nap is an invaluable instrument in the quest for productivity, boosting energy levels and recharging the brain. Fully reclined, the Gravity balans® elevates your legs above your heart, and rocks gently to the rhythm of your breathing, so you experience a liberating sense of weightlessness. The back and neck rests are designed to cradle the back of your body so you can achieve total relaxation. But the Gravity balans® is not just a recliner. Its range of seating positions support every activity, whether you are enjoying coffee with friends, or relaxing in front of the TV. It tilts forwards to accommodate the balans® kneeling posture, backwards to allow you to place your feet on the floor and further back still so you can curl up, resting both feet on one leg cushion.

Technical information:
- Available in beech woods: natural and black lacquered, mocca stained and natural oiled
- A variety of fabrics, leather and colours available
- Neckrest is adjustable in height