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Frog Lounge
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Product description

Woven armchair and chaise longue available for indoor and outdoor.
Indoor version: supporting frame in AISI 316 Stainless Steel with matt satin-finish, steel with chromed-plated finish or epoxy powder coating gunmetal grey color, burnish color, RAL-K7 9010 white and RAL –K7 9017 black. Woven with hide, PVC profile or in cellulose cord in the colours available in the collection (only for the armchair). Supporting cushions in polyurethane foam covered with acrylic fibre layers and fabric or leather upholstery, both fully removable by zippers.
Outdoor version: supporting frame in AISI 316 Stainless Steel with matt satin-finish or epoxy powder coating gunmetal grey colour, burnish colour, RAL-K7 9010 white and RAL-K7 9017 black. Woven with PVC profile, in the colours available in the collection. Supporting cushions in open-cell structure polyurethane foam DRYFEEL S and fibre for outdoor, coated with waterproof fabric protection. Upholstery with outdoor fabrics only.
Cushions’ upholstery, in both versions, fully removable by zippers.
Seat depth 51-105cm.

Product family


Armchair that after 20 years from its launch comes alive once again with new finishes:
Supporting frame finish with epoxy powder coating gunmetal color, RAL K-7 9017 matt black or RAL-K-7 9010 white.
Weave with a full backgrounds, warp and weft, for the version in cellulose cord, or extremely elegant in the version waved in leather scooby (braided leather trim), which reveals its nature only to a closer look.
While Innovative for indoor / outdoor use, is CARBON FROG Unchanged in the design and experimental in the materials, with weave in flat black polyester cord.
Starting from a 3D scan of the original model, have been evaluated various assembly options compatible with the carbon fiber; then specific molds have been designed, through appropriate software, to achieve the required result.
Molds are made of aluminum, through a milling using a 5-axis numerical control machine, then polished to obtain a first surface finish of the carbon fiber in its visible part.
The seat structure, made by highly specialized personnel, has been shaped completely by hand with the use of multi-axial and unidirectional fabrics, overlapping orthogonally, to ensure structural rigidity in the objective of preserving the mechanical strength, while greatly lighten the weight.
Developed with tubular parts with a thickness ranging from 2 to 3mm, the structure has been reinforced in the areas of highest stress and has undergone a curing cycle in an autoclave at high temperature at constant pressure.
The exterior finish for painting, done by hand by skilled artisans who have concurred in making this product unique and well tended.
The choice of carbon fiber, polymeric material with high performances, is often aided by its physical and mechanical characteristics that define the known characteristic of innovative and eternal material, used more and more frequently in the field of aeronautics, automotive, marine and product design.