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Living Divisum Shelving units
Living Divisum
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A bookcase and cube wall units in natural, unfinished wood and a multi-purpose shelving unit in aluminium, glass or wood all make up the system designed by Valcucine Living to organise, tidy and separate objects in the kitchen, in the living room area and in the home office.

Chunky, textured and alive, wood is the protagonist that brings this living room system to life and is capable of adding warmth to any space in a very natural and simple way.

The bookcase is perfectly double-sided, open or closed by panels and available in standard W 360X H 600 modules, in 3 different widths and heights for very flexible modularity.

Practical, functional and sturdy, the cube wall units are also in natural, unfinished wood and are available in many square or rectangular sizes. Distinguished by unrestrained and endless modularity possibilities they offer creative and intelligent solutions to build bookcases and open units that are easily fixed to the wall or installed on shelves or shelving units.

The 100% recyclable shelving unit is one of the systems conceived to achieve “order and functionality at home” and is distinguished by the formal values of lightness and luminosity and by a sturdy and durable design that expresses itself at its best in the very thick aluminium uprights combined with glass shelves.

Available both in the self-bearing version fixed to the ceiling and back-to-wall, this shelving unit is offered in various sizes with 3/4/5 modules, in 4 depths and up to 3 metres high to satisfy any requirement.

Shelving unit: W 2571 – 3561 / W 3664 – 4864 / W 4577 – 6077 // max H 3000 // D 341|541|661|818
Bookcase module W 360X450 max W 1350 H 720| 1080| 1440| 1800
Cube wall unit W 240| 300|600|900 / H 240| 300|600|900 / D 192|300