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High technology, formal simplicity and pure and essential lines are the main features of Artematica, a very versatile programme: there are many models available, each inspired by different materials, from glass to wood, from steel to stone, that allow you to create a kitchen that is increasingly more personalised and that reflects your tastes and your lifestyle.

A perfect synthesis of sense of beauty, high quality and technology, all Artematica arrangements have unique features that are the result of extremely innovative techniques: the most innovative of all is the dematerialised, single-block door in layered laminate with its low impact on the environment, consisting in an aluminium structural frame to which various types of panels in different materials are applied (HPL in scores of different colours, wood-laminate layered laminate, lacquered MDF, glass). This construction method makes the door extremely resistant to humidity, to heat and to impact as well as making it lighter with consequent longer hinge life and more silent closing movements. All these features result in a decreased consumption of materials and energy and thus in an eco-compatible approach.

Artematica Inox
Steel is being used more and more often in the kitchen because of its technical characteristics of resistance and hygiene as well as the sense of professionalism that it gives off. Steel does however have one serious fault: it shows handprints even if the hands are clean. Valcucine has adopted a new treatment for steel which, through a special varnish, eliminates the bothersome problem of fingerprints. The steel surfaces of the doors, so easily reachable by kids, turns into a “road map” of stains and fingerprints. The new finish means it is no longer necessary to keep kids from playing in the kitchen. It is available for use in doors, which are the parts most exposed to fingerprints. The other elements of the kitchen, such as the worktop and the back, are in normal steel.