Product description

Tall lamp made with etched, polished or flamed steel, composed in the upper and side part by an aluminum perforated sheet. Fixing with screws (not included).

Dimensions: lenght: 150 mm width: 150 mm height: 700 mm

Product variants

Product family


Grid, designed by Hangar Design Group, propose itself as a comprehensive collection of furniture for public spaces, composed of a bench and a system of lighting and walkways.

The distinctive trait is all on the material and in the working processes of metal, which is the only protagonist. The bent metal sheet - stainless steel or iron - used for the body of seat and lights, goes through an hand-made working that changes the metal sheet’s surface, giving to material a special texture: this depend on the type of the working such as the polish, the burn. Each working is done with the hand-made care usually reserved for interior furnishings, according to criteria of aesthetic quality that respond to a new idea of thinking about urban design and public spaces as a common good. The seat is a stackable piece of furniture it could be covered by a wooden cladding for a exotic effect. The light system has got three heights and it could be as a walkways for the outdoor.

The topic of this new collection is the application of perforated metal sheet, which is the main structural element and the protagonist of the collection’s style. On each part of furniture there is a shaped bent iron grill that is the support of seat and the screen of lighting system. This construction can do an amazing light atmosphere.

The bench Grid is also available in a wood version, thanks to a the application of a wooden seat on the top of bench; the wood is treated to stand out the grain of material. The walkways, available in three heights, is also available in polished or flamed metal on both sides and perforated stainless steel with LED light.

Materials: etched, polished, flamed steel and aluminum perforated sheet