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Rift, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini in 2014, with Rift/reverse can be seen from a new perspective and is enriched with accessories created ad hoc. A popular product thanks to its modularity, it can be even more functional when it is overturned and develops its presence in the space.
Thanks to a further aesthetic and technological experiment, the aluminium module increases its depth, evolving into a true heating shelf. In the longer version, there is also a soft-line wooden shelf. Rift/reverse can be ideally positioned in the bathroom where it is used as a surface on which to conveniently place folded towels, thus offering tidiness and heating at the same time.
Its accessories were designed to make it even more practical. The thin towel rail is well suited to small rooms, whereas the wooden tray with its curved line creates an interesting contrast in shape and material, thus acting as an insulating storage shelf on which to place any items that shouldn’t get warm.
Also Rift/reverse is electric and it is an excellent choice both for residential use and for being housed in the bathroom of an intimate boutique hotel, a welcoming place where it demonstrates all the potential of this further creative surge. The control and adjustment are performed using the on/off switch or through programming with a wireless thermostat.

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Rift, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini, is a new radiator with a minimalist elegance, an excellent solution for designers who can compose it and benefit from its modularity.
Rift is made up of two modules in extruded aluminium which can be combined to make up compositions which fit perfectly into any architectural space: they can be arranged horizontally or vertically, aligned, unaligned or inverted in order to form compact, symmetrical or asymmetrical sculptures. 
Its versatility is further enhanced by a range of accessories which includes shelves and towel rails which are ideal for the bathroom environment. The greatest new feature of Rift, which makes it the perfect radiator for renovations, is a great patented technical innovation relating to installation which is much simpler than for traditional radiators. In fact, the plumbing system for Rift occurs by means of a single collector with flexible inter-axis and precise inter-axis is no longer necessary for connection.

Rift is available in electric, hydraulic and mixed versions.