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Milano, an iconic product designed in 2006 by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti for Tubes, and which can be distinguished by its sinuous and sculptural body, is available in an original horizontal version, to be installed on the wall or floor. The intriguing new look of this heating element makes it possible to explore positions that were unusual up to now. For designers or house owners that don’t wish to forgo the charm of a radiator under the window or in front of a glass door and are looking for a product with contemporary design and high performance levels, Milano/horizontal is an original solution with elegant features.
From a technical point of view, Milano/horizontal is electric and has touch control for switching it on and off and adjusting the temperature. Furthermore, by connecting it to a wireless thermostat, a weekly program can be set.
Available in two lengths, Milano/horizontal enables the most neglected parts of a space to be customised, still suspended a few centimetres off the ground.

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It is one of the most recent proposals of Elements, the collection born from the challenge of Tubes to enrich the furnishing heating element with new contents, starting a technical and formal search for avant-garde solutions of great simplicity.
Milano fully interprets this design and opens new perspectives in the planning field. Greatest installation flexibility and modularity are the main prerogatives, together with the strong personality, that make it an absolutely varied furnishing complement. Milano can be installed on the wall, it can be free-standing, and it is also available in the brand-new ceiling version, made possible by a particular fitting and by a type of absolutely innovative connection, which represents the most advanced ceiling installation technique, and expresses the search for solutions which are alternative to wall installations.

The free-standing solution, equipped with a special support at the base, emphasizes and enhances the sculptural appearance and is ideal for creating very effective compositive solutions, around which the interior can be designed. Milano offers a wide range of furnishing possibilities of great expressive force, even outside the residential environment. Versatile even from the technical point of view, Milano is proposed in a hydraulic as well as electric version. Just like the other lines of the Elements collection, the hydraulic version foresees the connection to the system via remote access valves, set up to 6 m from the heating element and, in line with the orientation of the entire Tubes range, the hydraulic circuit is conceived to limit the use of water compared to traditional heating elements. Milano is made of modular 13x26 cm (height x maximum width ) elements, in varnished steel in a wide range of colours.
For its innovative design and technological qualities is featured in the ADI Design Index 2008.