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Inperla Ligra - Light in a new league

Differing conditions demand diverse lighting solutions: With an extremely compact construction combined with high performance LED technology as well as a wide range of design attachments, the round Inperla Ligra LED downlight is a lighting solution for nearly all forms of room architecture. The downlight is still able to make the most of its many strengths even in demanding applications.

Elegant: The high quality luminaire performance matches its fine appearance, achieved by a highly compact construction together with optically effective reflector elements.
Adaptable: Various design attachments mean the diverse luminaire can be integrated into almost all interiors.
Safe: IP54 protection from below thanks to the sealed cover.
Frugal: Inperla Ligra is extremely economical thanks to efficient reflector technology and a high service life.
Future-fit: Increasing efficiency with future generation changes giving constant light output and constant light quality.