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Coriflex H1 LA 01
Coriflex H1
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Coriflex LED – Light in a new dimension

In a direct dialogue with customers and partners, TRILUX has developed an LED light system that meets the diverse needs of a modern light system and that casts all continuous lines known until now into the shadows. The all-in-one solution enables 50 % time savings with mounting and offers almost unlimited design flexibility in various applications such as industry, retail, education and office.

Intelligent concept: The TRILUX-own light configurator enables digital configuration and ordering. A detailed installation plan is created automatically and the luminaire modules are supplied in a room-related delivery.
Time-saving: The clever Coriflex concept facilitates installation by saving up to 50 % mounting time, the usual components such as trunkings, gear trays and reflectors are already integrated in the "all-in-one" solution.
Consistent: Coriflex with its purist form blends into any room concept. The appearance, independent of the luminaire module used, is always identical.
Adaptable: Coriflex convinces with high variability in terms of luminous flux, light colour and optics, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Flexible: The compact modules of the digital light system enable flexible installation. Subsequent retrofitting on-site is also simple.