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Belviso Cluster - The standard for efficiency and light aesthetics

The Belviso luminaire family impresses with high quality lighting solutions together with glare-free light and an unusual lighting effect. The colour-illuminated light frame is available optionally and achieves an emotional upgrading of the lighting design. Five expressive alternatives mean that diverse, room-specific or individual
colour codings can be selected. The exclusive light frame makes the Belviso Cluster ceiling luminaires unmistakable, creates a unique light aesthetic and underlines the completely harmonious illumination of the light surface.

Pioneering: The outstanding efficiency of 95 lm/W leads to massive energy savings of up to 40 % compared to T5.
Perfect: Completely homogeneous illumination creates a real feel-good atmosphere for workstations via shadow-free light.
Exclusive: An all-round light contour creates an unmistakable light appearance with a soft transition to the ceiling.
Individual and expressive: Coloured light guides enable individual light atmospheres along with an emotional upgrading of the lighting design.
Glare-free: Flexible lighting planning for VDU workstations as well due to limited luminance levels.

Awards: reddot award product design 2012