Altigo - A path to the future
The aesthetically appealing Altigo luminaire family sets elegant linear accents not only at ground level but also in walls. Creating a continuous white or colour-definable light line is possible by implementing the diffuse distribution modules. Thanks to their high design quality the luminaires are ideal for integrating into architectural environments.

Flexible: Selection of use in ground, to walls or on ceilings enables a wide flexibility for design.
Elegant: The luminaire appeals without flourishes, visible catches and covers.
Continuous: When recessed in the ground, the optical impression of a continuous light line is created.
Long-life: Maximum manufacturing quality and use of long-life materials ensure permanent value.
Simple, quick and secure: The luminaire is fixed without tools into a surface-mounted enclosure for facades, walls and ceilings; each module has the requisite disassembly key for easy removal.