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The Composition cabinet series of storage furniture represent our approach to furniture making. We believe that furniture should fit efficiently and functionally into the architectural or residential space and be necessary as an extension of the floor, walls, and ceiling. It erases its own presence and simultaneously creates space with its presence. This might sound like a contradiction, but this is the basic concept of our furniture production. Because furniture can exist in different types of space, it should stand naturally in a specific living area unified with the space and, at the same time, should create a condensed atmosphere by showing a presence that goes against the unity.
Cabinets, while serving as storage and combined with the architecture, have their own presence and create a specific atmosphere in the space with their presence. One of the basic elements composing a living space is storage furniture (i.e. cabinet) where you place a television and art objects, and it therefore would be ideal if it accepts personal possessions, shares time and experience with them, and lives with the changes in life. This is precisely why highly flexible universality is required of cabinets. A cabinet, as a box, is a very simple piece of storage furniture. Because of this simplicity, cabinets are an important element in any living space and create a place for a realistic life.
The wooden main body of the Composition cabinet is supported by brass legs and a brass frame connecting the four corners. The legs are manufactured at a foundry in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture using a method called lost-wax casting. This is a process where the original sculpture is made with wax, which then is covered in a plaster coat that will be used as the mold for the casting. The wax inside is then melted to hollow out the inside of the plaster mold into which heat-melted liquid metal is poured. The metal inside is then left to cool and harden. When finished, the outer plaster mold is cracked with a hammer, and the cast metal is complete. Lost-wax casting can produce cast metal as a single piece and realize a smoother texture and finer details compared to sand casting. However, this method has never been used for cast-metal products that require high accuracy, especially furniture parts that support heavy objects. The method has mainly been used for Buddhist statues and articles, which have many delicate and intricate decorations, as well as cast iron kettles with inlay marquetry. Because brass is a soft metal alloy compared to iron and stainless steel, it is very important to ensure strength. We struggled to increase the precision as a product. The metal bars connecting the brass legs are not existing brass bars but specially made at a metal extruder in Kyoto that extrudes deformed brass fittings. Extrusion is a molding process where a solid metal blank is formed by using a metal mold with a pressure equal to a few hundred tons. This process is known as a method to make aluminum window sashes. Although aluminum is generally used for extrusion, only this manufacturer in Kyoto extrudes brass in Japan. It was the first experience even for them to produce parts for furniture, so we went through trial and error before creating the finished product.
Like creating a melody by combining musical notes, we believe cabinets should be something like musical notes that create a place for living. So we provide the Composition cabinet in various sizes, colors, and specs. How you combine them is up to you. We would be happy if you could find a shape and spec that touches your emotions. The Composition cabinet is available in different editions according to the spec.
Manufacturer Time & Style
Family Standard Composition Cabinet
Architonic ID 20086111
Order number C-651
Year of Launch 2016


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Standard Composition Cabinet

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