Stereo acoustic panels suspended

Acoustic ceiling systems from Texaa®

Product description

Characteristics of Stereo panels

• Metal frame made of rust-proof steel
• White AF1 felt
• Grey or black microporous
cloth cladding
• Removable cover made of sound-transparent Aeria fabric

Acoustic performance
Equivalent absorption area A(m2) at mid-range frequencies
• Stereo suspended panel
1,199 x 1,199 x 55: 2 m2

European reaction to fire classification
Complete product: B-s2, d0

Durability of the aeria fabric cover
• Run-resistant
• 330 g/m² (opaque panel)
• Protection against soiling:
– Hydro/Oleophobic ≥ 5 (AATCC118 and AATCC193)
– Electrostatic properties 7 x 1010 Ω (EN 1149-1)

Vacuum cleaning, may be taken apart and refitted, removable covers, machine washable.

Environmental characteristics
• Stereo panels meet the requirements specified in the HQE, LEED and BREEAM (4 points) reference documents and methods, based on:
– their acoustic contribution
– the provision of certified EPDs (EN 15804)
– their very low emissions of VOC and formaldehyde
• All Texaa products qualify for French “A+” health labelling and are classed as “conforming” after assessment using the German AgBB protocol

Guarantee 10 years

Garantie 10 ans

Available options
• Recesses for integrated light fittings, loudspeakers, etc.
• Variable dimensions: widths from 300 to 1,200 mm and lengths from 600 to 2,400 mm. Please contact us for larger sizes.

Special solutions
• Specific configurations (overlaid, canopies, etc.).
• Screw-fitted baffles

• Suspended: each Stereo panel is suspended from the ceiling from 4 vertical cables (2 or 3 cables for baffles) made of galvanised steel (diameter 1.5 mm, length 1,000 mm), fitted with a threaded end-piece (M6) and an adjustable latch-eye hook.
• Fitted to a support surface using a magnetic system: each single-sided Stereo is fitted using magnets to 4 invisible metal support plates which are themselves screwed to the wall.
• For ceiling-mounted panels, 4 removable safety slings connect the panels to the support plates.


Stereo panels are designed to be positioned in volumes.

They can be vertical, horizontal, suspended or installed, single or in clusters. They can be part of the architecture of all types of space to address sound reverberation overall or area by area.

Pioneered by Texaa, this technique of addressing acoustics in reverberating spaces with objects has gradually become an architectural standard.

Every panel is made with a rust-proof steel frame, absorbent wadding and a microporous cloth, wrapped in a removeable, machine-washable cover made of our Aeria sound-transparent fabric.

The steel frame, the manual application of the cover and Aeria’s capability to fit any shape tightly make it possible to tailor geometrical forms with precision to the requirements. Depending on use, the cover protects one or both sides of the panel.

Panels can be easily installed with magnets or suspended. The delivered product is light and simple to use. The panels are hung on cables, whose length is easily adjusted, or fixed with a system of magnets.

Stereo panels are modular and their cover can be removed, which prolongs their useful life. Covers can be replaced or the panels fitted with new fixing systems to be used in different arrangements.

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Part of the collection STEREO.
Manufacturer Texaa®
Family Stereo - Acoustic Panels By Texaa®
Architonic ID 1143742

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Stereo acoustic panels suspended


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