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Single-sided Stereo acoustic panels
Stereo - Acoustic Panels | Single-sided By Texaa®
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Texaa® was the first company to make sound absorbing panels for use within open volumes and was a precursor in the field of acoustic objects, a technique which has since become a reference in the world of architecture. Our products have been enhanced over the last four decades, their range increased and acoustic performance heightened, but still the men and women who produce them to order in our workshops check them individually, one by one. Stereo panels are composed of sound absorbing foam inserted into a metal frame and protected by a fabric cover. The highly specific knit of the Aeria textile used adds a certain sensuality, available in a rich palette of 22 colours. The panels meet stringent demands in terms of fire safety and respect for the environment, thereby improving the air quality of spaces in which they are fitted. Stereo panels are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also hard-wearing and functional. Whatever a building’s status or vocation, what is referred to as its ‘architectural quality’ is immediately perceptible through our five senses. Acoustic comfort is an important factor in our relationship with the works of architecture in which we live and work. Stereo panels, like all products in the Texaa® range, aim to serve a given building’s design and use by controlling sound echo, while still meeting formal requirements. Depending on whether they are to be visible on one or both sides, Stereo panels come in single-sided and double-sided versions. Their layout is determined in such a way as to combine both acoustic and aesthetic considerations, not forgetting recommendations specifically made by acousticians and the client’s desiderata. Stereo panels are available in a range of sizes, colours and fitting methods, making them easy to use in diverse configurations.

Single-sided Stereo panels
Stereo panels are available in a wide range of designs.

Used in isolation or grouped together, fitted to walls or ceilings or suspended into empty space, Stereo panels may be used in an infinite array of combinations. The may be implemented in response to widely varying needs, for example, treating a given volume as a whole or providing pinpointed treatment for a specific portion. They offer not only an extremely high level of acoustic performance, but also contribute to a space’s overall staging and design. Stereo panels evolve through time along with the spaces they inhabit – they are easy to take down and just as easy to refit in a new layout. The metal frames and means of production of Stereo panels guarantee the strict geometric form of each element and therefore perfect precision in their assembly.