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Vara container
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Luca Scacchetti >
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Storage-Sideboards >
Storage-Sideboards >

Product description

entirely lacquered or in combination with stained oak details

satin nickel aluminium.

W270 D54 H72

Product family


A flying top without supports, standing in an acrobatic equilibrium: a special effect, thanks to the unpredictable supporting structure. Where the eye expects to see a vertical support, there is instead pleasantly surprising emptiness. A rigorous project of lightness; perfect synthesis of form and function.
The supporting structures take back from Escher’s impossible geometries. Lines with no detectable begin or end, elegant and highly functional “L shaped” satin nickel legs, to be used in different directions and angles.
An object with a great visual impact which delivers, at the same time, a flexible and immediate fruition. The top, fragmented in several parts and the concave solid oak frame allow endless personalized solutions for the desks and meeting tables.
The side chest of drawers, with its vivacious cantilevered volume, completes the project outlining a new balance between present and future, aesthetic and practicality.
Evolution and comfort, simple and crossover: an architectural narration of ancient origins projected to the future. It all begins with the primordial easel, a carpenter trestles, working tripods that from the classical ancient times (vara) until today, have maintained their absolute “elementary poetry” in which necessity and beauty coincide.