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Bookcase with three shelves
L 240 x P 45 x H 98, 5 cm

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Worktop. Table
The table is certainly the most characteristic element in the Shift series. The worktop is available in two different materials and finishes: - MDF panels, thickness 25 mm, finished with white matt lacquer LO0A, or in white glossy laquer LL0A. The worktop has a bevelled border.
- MDF panels, thickness 25 mm, with wood veneer, finished with a matt transparent acrylic varnish, in light oak LE9B. The worktop has a distinctive bevelled edge. The lower part of the worktop, is also finished in white matt laquer LO0A. For all painted or wood finishes, the lower part of the worktop has connecting ancors for the structural elements (bar, beams), for the installation of the bases.
The bases are always in Cristalplant® with a natural finish (matt white).

Access Top: The worktop has an optional grommet (access top), positioned near the leg. Plugs are inside the leg. The wiring go directly through the leg, and there is a grommet in the lower part large enough for the power cord to come out (15 mm free space between the floor and the leg).

The Shift storage unit has a clean form, combined to the expressive strength of the volumes and to the shape that recalls the desk. The unit is available in the following four versions: - Storage unit with 4 drawers
- Storage unit with two drawers and one filing drawer (right and left) - Storage unit with two filing drawers
The entire collection has a supporting structure (base) in aluminum painted with epoxy powder coating in matt white VO0A, with adjustable feet. The supporting structure has the same shape as the bookcase’s side supports.
The storage units’ panels have the following characteristics: - the structure (doors and back, sides and top) is in MDF, finished in with white matt varnish pigmented - Drawers have guides with automatic push-open mechanism.

The Shift bookcase recalls the protruding forms of the desk and is available in the following two versions: Bookcase with three or four shelves. The product has a supporting structure (base and sides) in aluminum painted with epoxy powder coating in matt white LO0A, with adjustable feet. Connections are made by a series of invisible tie rods, located inside the base and the sides. The bookcases’ panels have the following characteristics: - shelves thickness 25 mm, in MDF panels, painted in matt white LO0A - shelf thickness 25 mm, in MDF panels, finished on the upper surfaces in wood veneer, in light oak LE9B, finshed with clear matt acrylic varnish. - shelves have bevelled edges as in the work table.