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Group Cycle
Group Cycle
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Train like a real cycle racer with Group Cycle. Hop on the saddle to discover how easy it is to keep fit or improve your sports performance

Group Cycle is simple to use and provides effective cardio training.
Fitted with accessible controls that permit you to quickly find the posture and movement most comfortable for you, it features biomechanics inspired by the experience of the Italian tradition for cycle racing, with a saddle and low Q Factor, just like racing bikes.

Suited both for use at home or in the gym, it does not require electricity to operate it because its resistance is mechanical, it is easy to clean and move and is available in two versions: either belt or chain driven.
If your hobby is cycle racing, Group Cycle is the ideal solution to supplement your training whenever weather conditions or limited hours of daylight prevent you from riding on the road.
Thanks to the resistance exerted by a clutch on the fixed-gear flywheel, you can train by simulating and combining the various paces of road racing and practice the various techniques always with the highest level of safety.
Besides being stimulating, training with this bike is more complete too, thanks to its Group Cycle Wireless Console, a device you can use to monitor your training sessions and measure results and progress.