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With a movement similar to skating or skiing, Crossover engages your arms in a converging motion and the legs in extending, rotating, and flexing actions so that multiple muscles are working at the same time.

The exercise is simple to learn because it's like dancing: the more you let yourself go, the more fun it becomes!

Lose weight, improve your balance, prevent backache, or train for a sport: if any of these are among your goals, Crossover is the crosstrainer for you.

You'll find it at the gym in the section dedicated to cardio training,near the treadmills and stationary bikes.

Crossover is for you who:
Want to lose weight
With Crossover you need just a few minutes to work your entire body: moving your arms and legs together, in three dimensions, it allows you to burn up to 160 calories in 20 minutes, yet you'll feel less exertion than in other exercises.

Want to tone your legs and gluteus better
During movement, the knee bends more than in other types of training, which allows you to tone the muscles in the upper part of your leg: quadriceps, gluteus, and the biceps femoris muscle.

Want to improve your coordination
Crossover has two platforms and two interconnected levers that move simultaneously. If you pull the levers you'll train your coordination because your arms will guide your legs, prompting your limbs to synchronize with each other.

Want to train your balance
The posture you assume with Crossover and the movement of the platforms involve the body's major stabilizing muscles (abdominal and back belt) and helps you improve yourproprioception and balance, even increasing speed.

Want to prevent backache
The platforms move backward, outward, and rotate, and this movement is less tiring on your ankle, pelvis and spinal column, allowing you to strengthen your muscles and ligaments, preventing injury and future problems.

Want to train for a sport
The Crossover movement is similar to skating and skiing, and therefore it allows you to prepare for all sports that require thrusting movement in your legs.

What is Crossover like?
Different from a Crosstrainer

Compared with traditional crosstrainers which have only one type of movement, the biomechanics of Crossover simultaneously involve the legs in extending, abducting, flexing, and rotating actions.

Compared with the "floating" motion of Wave, in which the faster you move the harder it gets, with Crossover it's the thrust on the platforms that determines the intensity of the exercise.

Compared with Vario, where your own movement changes the length of the stride, the direction is lateral and the maximum extension of each step is fixed.

Different from a treadmill or running on the road
Compared with treadmills or running outdoors, Crossover does not require a high degree of coordination, because the movement is guided. In addition, because there's no contact with the ground, there is less impact on the knees and the joints in the foot.

Safe for knees and ankles
When you begin to exercise, the inside edge of the platforms is higher than the outer edge, which prevents you from assuming an incorrect posture that could cause improper rotations, ankle sprains, or problems like valgus knee. The motion of the equipment itself helps you keep your lower limbs in line, preventing abrupt bends in your joints.

Suitable for rehabilitation
The 700 MD and 500 MD versions of Crossover are certified by European Community law 93/42 addressing medical devices, and are suitable for use in hospitals, sports centres and rehabilitation facilities as support for treatment and muscle rehabilitation.

Safe and suitable for everyone
According to a study by the Technogym Scientific and Medical Department, even men and women older than 60 who have used Crossover have demonstrated low levels of cardiac fatigue and improved balance.

With UNITY, training becomes as engaging as ever
Thanks to the UNITY digital platform, you can turn the machine you use into your personal device for the entire duration of your workout. With UNITY™ andmywellness® cloud, you can stay in touch with your world even while you train, using all the Android tools and applications as on your own tablet and with the same type of interaction. Accessing social networks and preferred Web contents, participating in your gym's challenges, managing your workout and monitoring your indoor and outdoor activities. With Unity, this and lots more are possible.

What is the movement of Crossover like?
The platforms and levers move together, interconnectedly, with motion that is:

The directions alternate: if you're pushing the platform with your right leg, you have to pull the lever with your left arm and vice versa.

Convergent for the arms
The levers follow a guided, converging and diverging motion (they don't move in a straight line): the proper motion is to pull one toward you while pressing the other outward.

Lateral and three-dimensional for the legs
The platforms involve the legs in a lateral motion that moves in three directions. During exercise they move backward, outward and rotate, so that your legs extend to the rear, shift toward the outside and rotate.

Intuitive and flexible
The biomechanics of Crossover make the movement intuitive. When you reach the "dead spot" of your motion and need to start moving in the other direction, you can do so easily and without struggle because the platforms are designed to make your movements easier so they flow.

Training with Crossover
Step onto the machine and rest your feet on the platforms so your big toe is in the inside upper corner. This makes your heel the thrust point to make the exercise effective and safe. Simply move the platforms or the handles to begin training.

On the display you can choose from 25 levels of difficulty/resistance for the platforms, and goals such as time, calories and distance, or if you have amywellnesskey, you can follow your personal training program.

Although the length of the stride is fixed, you can choose whether to focus more on your legs or on your arms and coordination.

If you want to focus more on your legs:
Keep your hands on the levers but press against the platforms, using the full length of every stride all the way to the end.

If you don't want to train your arms, you can rest your hands on the supports, and if your model featuresUNITY, you can use this time to surf the web and update your status on social websites.

To train your arms and coordination
Pull the levers, allowing your legs to be pulled along by the movement of your upper body. You'll notice immediately that your stride will be shorter, and this will let you work on your coordination, because it's more challenging to guide your legs through your arms.

If you're using a version with UNITY, you can entertain yourself watching television or listening to your iPod or iPhone.

How much and when should you use Crossover?
To achieve the benefits you're looking for in your training, you can apply some general recommendations from our psychological and physical wellness guide to your exercise with Crossover. You can download advice for free when you sign up on our Wellness Guide page.

In general, to stay in shape through cardio training, you only need about 150 minutes a week, divided if possible into at least three sessions.

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