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TECElux WC Terminal White
TECElux WC-Terminal
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Product description

Press and flush was yesterday. The toilet of today can do so much more: rinse and blow dry, purify the air and flush automatically. But the aesthetics are often sacrificed for this additional hygiene and comfort.TECE has now created a form that unites all functions. The technology disappears into the wall and all that remains visible is a flat facing made of white safety glass.

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Open for the future
Once installed, the function of the flushing technology and toilet is usually set for the next 25 to 30 years. But what if you want the ceramics set higher when you get older? Or you want the toilet to offer greater comfort – for example as a toilet with shower function? How can you retrofit a shower toilet even years later when you don't know today where the connections for water and power are located? The simple answer: TECElux.

Because as a future-facing interface, the toilet terminal today already incorporates all the facilities behind the wall that the toilet will need in the future – and as a modular system it provides the maximum room for decision-making. And does it so beautifully that its design has even impressed juries and users. With TECElux, high-tech behind the wall becomes a highlight on the wall – in every bathroom. 

Future-proof in a new dimension
TECElux is an intelligent toilet terminal that not only thinks with you but grows with you too. This is because with its various upgradable modules, it already provides everything behind the wall that toilet functions require today and tomorrow from the point of initial installation. And provides maximum room for decision-making in front of the wall. Whether from the conventional to the shower toilet, from the button pad to sensor actuation or retrospective upgrade with a fan fi lter system: TECElux is ready. Are you ready too? By the way: TECElux combines technology and design so beautifully and intelligently that it has already received multiple awards for it.