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Flamboyant | Marble Tile in white
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Product description

From word renowned artist Giovanni Barbieri, the Flamboyant comes in five colors for the tile: white, beige, light grey, brown and black; and 5 options for the vine: plain, gold leaf, silver leaf, gold leaf with Swarovski crystals, and silver leaf with Swarovski crystals. The vine pattern can be subtle or dramatic and with or without metallic leaf, the result is stunning. A perfect tile for anyone wanting to make a graceful, but dramatic impact. Shown her in white with silver leaf and Swarovski crystals.

Flamboyant is a large format tile, measuring 60 x 60 x 2cm (23.6” x 23.6” x 0.8”), weighing 47.0 Kg/Sq M (9.6 lbs/sf). Made from recycled marble dust this tile works in areas not generally acceptable for natural stone. The design is created with 5 different vine patterns of varying decorative density and all pieces fit together with all others allowing for a seemingly infinite number of unique layouts.

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There is no more appropriately named collection. The four tiles that make up the design can be configured to give an almost infinite number of patterns with different decorative densities. The graceful vine design and material are pure elegance. However, for those who wish for more decoration, Giovanni applies either a silver leaf or gold leaf to the vines for a stunning affect. And for those who want an even more sensuous look, Swarovski crystals are placed tastefully to enhance the statement. As with most Giovanni Barbieri designs, Flamboyant is ideal for high-impact focal points. Color variation is slight however this is a hand finished product which will have some variations in surface presentation. Edges are slightly beveled. Flamboyant is made from recycling marble dust production waste, reproducing faithfully the Natural Stone’s beauty. It is suitable for any installation even where Natural Stone is not suggested.