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Classic Talavera | Amanecer en el Jardín 4-Piece Pattern
Classic Talavera
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Amanecer en el Jardín is a fabulous sunrise in the garden and one of 5 tiles offered in 4-piece patterns to make a large showy statement. Great for larger spaces.

Most tiles in this and its companion collection, Mediterranean Talavera, come in 2 or 3 sizes. All dyes are made of natural materials. Color variations can be significant, especially for the Black/Brown color which is made from recycled cans and can look light brown to almost black. All colors vary based on outside temperatures, humidity and other non-controllable factors. We strongly recommend that you sample before ordering, keeping in mind that every single tile will be unique.

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With roots in the 16th century, Talavera Classic is one of the most historically accurate, highest quality and beautiful Talavera collections in the world. Designer Paul Schatz draws from centuries-old designs that originally graced the grandest palaces and churches. Variations in each meticulously handcrafted tile reveal the traditional artistry that makes each piece its own work of art. Together they form a rich display of color and form, unique to the space they fill and breathtaking with every view. Tango Tile is proud to offer the Classic Collection of Talavera Tile represented by world renowned artist Paul Schatz. Classics has a companion collection called the Mediterranean Collection which is also available on line at www.tangotilecom.