Product description

Smartfader is an interactive light floor system. Complete floor is black and when a pedestrian walks on it, his footprints remains for a while, after fading back. Different colours available, different sizes, special features also possible.
This smartfader has the opposite effect of the smartfader matrix. In this version, the surface is dark, and only the footstep imprints illuminate, making the surprise even greater!

Product variants


Materials and finish:

Structure: Aluminium frame
Toplayer: PMMA, scratch resistant acc. FRICK TABER EN 660-2 (2mg/1,5mm²)

Installation and lamp replacement:

Smartfader needs to be installed on completely egalized floor, for proper working avoid any holes or hollow structures under the smartfader. Smartfader can be used as a single tile, or can be installed recessed in a hole of 1002X1002mm.
Smartfader connection: using powercable or interconnection cables towards a convertor 12V – Class 1
Smartfader can be sealed to obtain a sealed floor (sealing kit 921010)

Technical data:

Luminaire dimensions : 1000X1000mm X Depth : 45mm
Weight : 20 kg
Accessories :
921000 – Power Cable
921010 – Sealing kit

Electrical data:

Lamp type : SMD Led
Lamps : 144
Control gear : Electronic gear required (Class 1)
Input supply voltage : 12V DC
Connector block : Powercable: 921000
Glow wire resistance : 650°
IP rating : IP65