Product description ceiling luminaire, continuously tiltable up to approx. 90° and rotatable up to approx. 350°. Mainly downlighting (approx. 95 %), wide beam. Version with integrated converter for connection to 230-volt ceiling outlets. Body in brilliant white or silver anodised, cover in brilliant white. The wall illumination effect by means of secondary lighting is largely maintained.

Ceiling luminaire, rotatable and tiltable
Ceiling luminaire for direct mounting
anodised silver rotatable and tiltable unit
11 W = 50 W halogen
Ø 150 × 110 mm technology, 11 W power supply, 230 V AC
546 lm
3000 K
95 % direct beam

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As a more solidly built reinterpretation and consistent extension of the minimalistic Modul R range, the new Nimbus Rim R range fascinates the beholder with its formal reduction and brand new design elements. With its design for the Rim R range, the ID AID design studio has succeeded in reinterpreting the iconic Nimbus Modul. Design and functionality are narrowly intertwined in this luminaire: the slim luminaire body made of translucent acrylic glass – held by an almost invisible bearing – virtually hovers within the silver anodised or brilliant white ring element. Three different diameters, with various heights, allow a great many possible applications. The Rim R recently won the “Interior Innovation Award 2012” from the German Design Council.

Rim R 36 Wall, Wall luminaire, rotatable and tiltable wall luminaire for the home, continuously tiltable up to approx. 90° and rotatable up to 350°, body painted or anodised depending on the version, tube and cover painted in white, approx. 95 % downlighting, wide beam, switchable or tube with integrated IR-sensor for touchless intuitive gesture dimming, version with built in converter for connection to (existing) 230 V wall outlet.