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The Robber is a fixture that can be used outdoor & indoor. You can use it to create atmosphere in your landscape design, but you can use it to protect your glass facade, or you can use it as a seat.
The Robber is available as a stand alone (643926) fitting or as a bollard (fixed to the ground: 643026).
The robber exists of 100% recycled material, rubber from tyres and aluminium. It is equipped with leds and has a incorporated convertor.

Materials and finish:

The fixture is mainly made of recycled rubber.
The foot is made in recycled aluminium with corrosion protection( pretreatment with Bonderite NT1)
and textured black powdercoating.
In compliance with salt spray test: 1000h according DIN 50021

Installation and lamp replacement:

Stand alone: Just plug in the mainscord
Bollard: Fix the floor bracket to the floor with screws, connect the feed cable with the convertor by using the topflux connectors,
Put the housing over the floorbracket and fasten with the 2 screws.

Technical data:

Luminaire dimensions : 300X300X400
Weight : 22 kg

Electrical data:

Lamp type : SMD led system
Lamps : 18W led system
Control gear : Electronic convertor incorporated
Input supply voltage : 230V-50Hz
Connector block : By means of topflux IP67 heatshrink connectors
IP rating : IP54