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Why don’t reward yourself and get the greatest welcome when you return to home after many hours away?

Is a cube is a cube is a cube is a cube?
Cubes can be designed in various ways and sizes - the opportunities are endless: opened or closed, rounded or hard edged and furthermore in a numerous of different materials. In embacco we have been working intensively with the cube to come up with the unique cubic exterior light, Welcome.

Warm Scandinavian style
Welcome is a cubic shaped outdoor lighting fixture with up and down light, providing an elegant expression and a besides a beautiful and decorative lighting. The rounded edges add a soft look to the cube while the cube itself provides a sophisticated and classic expression.
The mix of both cubic and soft elements gives an elegant, warm and trendy look.

It will be a delight for both occupants and visitors to be welcomed by this exterior lamp.

Technical characteristics:
Welcome: Exterior up- / down light luminaire for wall installation
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 16 cm
Material: 4 mm aluminium shade
Surfaces: black alu, aluminium, white shiny and bronze anodised
Light source: E 27 – max 75 W incandescent / E 27 – 15/20 W energy saving / E 27 – LED. No halogen.
Classification: IP 44 kl. I
Fitting: top cover and nameplates in two sizes – 18 x 16 cm and 18 x 8 cm