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Designer Anthony Duffeleer has created the “Heavy” base as a splendid wink to the weight of bases. General Manager Pierre Christiaens: “I think that the Heavy is the first really beautiful parasol base.”

Most people consider parasol bases as a necessary evil: It is heavy and bulky, it stands in the way, it is ugly, it can not be moved and it can certainly not be lifted. This conclusion leads to a splendid challenge for a designer: design a functional base that is an attractive object on its own. Anthony Duffeleer took up this challenge.

The answer formulated by Anthony Duffeleer is actually couched in the question itself: the purpose is to keep the parasol standing firm upright, even if there is a fierce wind. Worded differently, it has to be a “heavy thing”. The look of the base is the logical result of the production techniques used, namely the lasering of the heavy metal plate. Duffeleer has left out all the superfluous elements so that the endresult gives a clear and obvious message: I am heavy.

Lasering the word “heavy” means that you take the letters out of the solid plate. This technique provides a solid product with a durable solidity, which can not be achieved by using other techniques (by painting for example).

The typographical meaning of the word “Heavy” refers to the world of the building industry: street works, builder’s cranes, counterweights etc. Even the colours refer to the building industry, where colourful signals are omnipresent. The notion also evokes other various associations such as tough, heavy calibre, sturdy, you can rely on it etc.

The humour and the paradoxical are never far away. It is also a very nice parasol base.

The Heavy exists in four colours: bleu, bright yellow, apple green and pitch black.