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Concrete base square with adjustable feet

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Our Weishäupl umbrellas leave nothing to be desired. They are manufactured from the highest-quality materials, durable and real eye-catchers. Every ­umbrella is made with the utmost care and finished by hand by our artisans. And because every umbrella needs to meet individual requirements, we have a wide range of accessories on stock.

We recommend the use of our pulley for umbrellas with a diameter of three meters and upward, but it also facilitates opening umbrellas of smaller sizes. And it is a must for umbrella-table combinations. The pulley blocks are made of non-rusting, polished brass and are cast exclusively for us. They are equipped with different transmissions, depending on the size of the umbrella. The 4-fold transmission is, of course, particularly easy-running, and it is designed in the style of traditional sailing tackle.
We have selected a luxurious, hand-sewn core leather for attachment of the pulley to the lower hub of the umbrella and fitted an additional loop with a brass hook for hanging up the pullrope.

We recommend the installation of a tilt mechanism that allows simple adjustment of the umbrella to provide protection against the sun when it is low in the sky. It is easy to operate and available for several of our models. When using a tilt mechanism, it is advisable to select the next heavier base version for your umbrella.

Aprons are reminiscent of the classic sunshades seen in Italian seaside resorts. They are stitched on, creating a characteristic double seam that underscores the hand-crafted look of the umbrella. Please note that the headroom under the umbrellas is reduced by the length of the individual aprons.

There are many good reasons to pack your umbrella away: when going on vacation, for example, when the weather forecast predicts heavy rain or inpreparation for the winter. Our protective covers are made from beige breathable synthetic fabric and are available in various sizes for all models. For easy handling, they come equipped with a rod and zipper as standard.

You would like to turn your Weishäupl umbrella into a closed pavilion? We offer this option with some of our models. Four floor-length tarpaulins, which can also be ordered individually (for example, to provide a screen for privacy), can be connected at the sides, turning the umbrella into a tent – a welcome feature on cool evenings. For an optimum look, we recommend that you add a peripheral valance (apron).

We are a manufactory. All our umbrellas are made with the utmost care in our own workshops. As a result, we can overhaul umbrellas after many years of service and of course, we can also effect repairs if necessary. All individual components can be replaced. This includes the covering: no matter whether you just feel like a new color or your present covering has become worn over the years. As our covering designs do change slightly over time, we recommend that you contact us, as it may be necessary for you to send us the old covering so that we can supply the correct type.

Triple advantage: some of our round umbrellas can be fitted with the “Option Breeze“ covering. Three overlapping fabric panels in freely selectable colors move attractively in the breeze, at the same time reducing the wind pressure, which gives the umbrella increased stability.

Every umbrella needs a corresponding base, depending on the model and size. We can supply a range of base plates in concrete, granite or steel. As an alternative, we offer ground sleeves (including safety lock) which are anchored in concrete.

With the peripheral stripe, you can transform your sun umbrella into your own personal gem.
Combine all of our ACRYLFABRIC to your heart's content... for that special touch!