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versa 22 GELTEX® inside
versa 22 GELTEX® inside
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Featuring a 6 cm high GELTEX® board in addition to a 2 cm higher GELTEX® shoulder zone for more effective shoulder relief. Best reclining features for all body types.

Pressure relief: A 6-centimetre-high GELTEX® plate plus 4cm GELTEX® shoulder support gives the mattress unparalleled comfort, as well as providing excellent shoulder relief. This is facilitated by the highly resilient mattress cover.

Body support: Cuts in the support core divide the mattress into 7 ergonomic zones for targeted relief and support, with additional foam layers in the lordosis area perfecting the support effect.

Breathing action: Transverse and longitudinal profiles divided across the entire Gomtex® core and additional vertical openings and lateral openings ensure maximum ventilation.

• Total height: 22cm
• 2 levels of firmness available: soft or firm
• GELTEX® inside plate: 6cm
• GELTEX® inside shoulder support: 4cm
• Gomtex® support core: 14cm

Depending on comfort requirements and preferred level of firmness, our new mattress range featuring GELTEX®inside provides the ultimate solution, as the mattresses automatically adjust to your body shape and size.