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uni 14 bridge®
uni 14 bridge®
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The uni 14 bridge® model, with its centred frame, is equipped with the patented bridge® Technology across the entire sleep surface. It stands out above all by its sensitive and highly effective support and relief effect across the entire length of the bed – with no annoying centre bars in the double beds. Based on your preference, the uni 14 bridge® can be built into the bed frame or used as a standalone unit.

Our intelligent bridge® technology is the beginning of a whole new chapter in contemporary sleep culture. Swissflex’s patented system ensures fully automatic and optimum adjustment to the human body – irrespective of height and weight.
The cantilevered sleep surface provides relief for problem areas – including the shoulder area – while at the same time supporting the body in all the essential places across the entire sleep surface. This is facilitated by increased interaction between the key areas of head, shoulders, pelvis and legs. This interaction ensures simultaneous, sensitive adjustment to the human anatomy.
The result is a wonderfully weightless feeling and a healthy sleeping posture in any position.