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ALUPROTEC Aluminium sliding door
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Highly recommended for high traffic areas for the general public, the aluminium sliding doors are characterised by optimum performance that lasts over the years.

With their top of range and discrete accessories, these tailored manufacture elements are essential for schools, airports, car parks, apartment buildings, hospitals …etc. Unique in France, this glazed fire retardant joinery provides clearance of a minimum width of 900 mm and can go up to 2400 mm with a height from 2025 to 2700 mm.

With a composite filling, the aluminium door and frame profiles with thermal break 85 mm thick requires crimped and bonded assembly. The iMotion 2401 sliding mechanism provided by a control panel with 5 operating modes is fitted with 2 motion sensors of the positive safety curtain type.

BRANDS NF brand – 277
FINISH-Anodised aluminium (natural, bronze, gold…)
- Powder-coated depending on the RAL line or special shades
HEIGHT between 2025 mm and 2700 mm - Clearance
WIDTH between 900 mm and 2400 mm - Clearance
MATERIALS aluminium
INSTALLATION mechanical fixing - iMotion 2401 sliding mechanism
MATERIALS steel; aluminium or stainless steel - Stainless steel; aluminium; glass
OPTIONS- Re-sectioning using intermediate cross pieces
- Sliding door closer or single action motorised door opener

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The glazed joinery ALUPROTEC conjugate two constraints with brio. They help to transmit natural light to the heart of buildings, while ensuring the cantonment of fire in case of fire. Remarkably elegant and discreet, they respect the safety standards in the establishments receiving the public, thanks to their patented aluminum profiles and their specific glazing.