ALUPROTEC edge-to-edge partitions

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A very rare advantage which is the total absence of structure between the glazing, the ALUPROTEC aluminium edge to edge glazed partition gives the zone a transparent and fluid effect in order to allow in as much light as possible (natural or artificial) while guaranteeing optimum fire protection.

In particular, it is possible to install it in corners without intermediate uprights (Edge to edge bonded glazing), this invisible fitting is available in two versions: The EI30 2934 mm high and the EI60 2955 mm high whatever the width.

Requiring fixing using self-tapping screws with no anchors, it guarantees solid glazing that is durable over the years. Thanks to its corrosion protection surface treatment, this system to hold glazed joinery is designed for interior use, even in chlorinated and saline environments.

• GLAZING TYPE single glazing
• HEIGHT 2934 mm - Max for the EI30; 2955 mm - Max for the EI60
• THICKNESS 85 mm - For the profiles
• WIDTH No maximum limit
• MATERIALS aluminium - anodised
• INSTALLATION self-tapping screw fixing with no anchors
• OPTIONS-Inserted frame element assembly
-Rebate drainage in wet environments
-CORNER: Glazed elements assembled at right angles or faceted without aluminium uprights


The glazed joinery ALUPROTEC conjugate two constraints with brio. They help to transmit natural light to the heart of buildings, while ensuring the cantonment of fire in case of fire. Remarkably elegant and discreet, they respect the safety standards in the establishments receiving the public, thanks to their patented aluminum profiles and their specific glazing.

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