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Damper for Counter Flaps | LAD
Damper for Counter Flaps
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Product description

• Great solution for counter flaps at bars, restaurants, and receptions.
• Built-in damper provides soft closing near closing radius, preventing slamming.
• Damper will function even if released close to closing radius.
• Lift-assist makes counter flaps feel light and easy to lift.
• Can be retrofitted to existing counter flaps without a mortise.
• Easy to align installation position using the included template.
• Thin profile. When opened, unit has very small 35mm protrusion.
• Successfully passed 100,000 open/close cycles in a private test.
• Suitable flap thickness: 15 - 25 mm. Maximum possible flap thickness by using spacer LAD-DP is 40 mm.

Product family


Lift-Assist Damper
• Ideal solution for counter flaps at bars, restaurants, and reception counters.
• Smooth and soft close movement near closing radius prevents flaps from slamming. Damper function works even if the flap is only opened slightly.
• Lift-assist mechanism with light opening.