Key facts

Product description

Figure wall coverings are available in more than 42 colors of commercial quality wool felt, and because each piece is assembled by hand, we are able to offer custom color-blocking options. Each cork-backed 12" x 24" section consists of one pattern element in 5mm and 2mm felt. Combining the sections creates a noise-softening surface with both linear and dimensional features. Submaterial uses only the highest quality sustainable wool felt and natural cork in the creation of our wall coverings. Our adhesives are GreenGuard certified low VOC. Choose a heavy-duty wall covering adhesive with clay for an easy and permanent installation.

Product family


The Figure series was distilled from our Construct wall hanging patterns which we reimagined as a new group of wool felt and cork wall coverings . Scaled large for whole-room impact, these bold, organic patterns are both graphic and dimensional. Within some patterns, fluid lines move sinuously to repeat over a large area. Others are bold and geometric, providing a strong architectural element. Each pattern in the series has multiple installation variations, expanding the pattern options for each design.