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LK60 glass railings
LK60 glass railings
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Steelpro LK-systems are pioneers in glass railing construction. The glass railings we design do not need vertical posts. They are also safe and easy to install. They do not contain corrosible steel parts and are priced competitively. Both of the profiles are manufactured from aluminium by extrusion. Therefore the final product is very clean, and the stylish ensemble is well thought-out.
The product are designed and manufactured in Finland.
Steelpro launched the LK60 glass railing system 2006 in Finnish market and it quickly gained a strong position as a new modern glass railing style, comparing to the older glass railing style with stainless steel posts.

At the moment we have two glass railing profiles, LK60 and LK63.
Both profiles can be mounted from top or from the bottom and uses the same wedge technique for glass attachment / removal. The only two differences between these two profiles are in glass thickness and in strength, please see the tablet below.

Profile LK60:
Glass thickness min-max 12,76 - 19,52 mm
Height 1200 mm
Yield strength (1m linear loading) 310 kg

Profile LK63:
Glass thickness min-max 16,76-21,52mm
Height 1200 mm
Yield strength (1m linear loading) 500 kg