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SweetMediterraneanPro Vision
Heat Bath
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Product description

Inspired by the philosophy of the ancient Roman baths, SweetMediterraneanPro Vision gives life to a world where the classic meets contemporary lines and innovative coatings, such as the crystal glass of the front wall or the solid surface of the seating, all ensuring maximum hygiene. The wide glazed surface offers brightness and a continuity of style for the interior design of the spa. Visual freedom is maximised as the boundaries between inside and outside dissolve. SweetMediterraneanPro Vision provides extraordinary heat through radiation from the wall, reinforced by the internal stove, and strong visual and aromatic emotionality. Every five minutes for fifteen seconds, the ceiling dispenser releases an aromatic flow accompanied by energetic red lighting on the heated stones of the stove; a unique Mediterranean technique by Starpool. This timed mist creates a cloud of hot steam promoting the release of a delicate scent of lavender, ensuring a higher quality of heat (temperature 45-50 °) and maintaining constant relative humidity (55-65%). SweetMediterraneanPro is a finished product already coated internally, and comes with rich equipment. Lighting and audio MP3 in series.

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