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Starpool offers a new way of relaxation with a bed whose features can transform rest into a real sensory experience. In addition to the benefits and the pleasant feeling of warm sand, Dune offers an innovative sound system. Everyone can play their favorite music through headphones by selecting the 4 programs from the keyboard (Excite, Tonic, Relax and Purify) offering frequencies aimed at achieving each wellness program. It is also possible to connect your music player to Dune. Since the time of the Egyptians, quartz sand, naturally heated by the sun, has been used for true dedicated therapies. Dune bed’s modern technology brings the culture of heat in the rest area all year round. The structure, made of dark oak wood, receives 250 kg of selected quartz sand, heated to the desired temperature of 32°C or 38°C. Quartz sand is molded around the contours of body, which finds its ideal anatomical position and corrects posture naturally. Dry heat slowly and evenly released also allows for muscle relaxation.

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