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The Vision version of SweetSteamPro creates a pleasant feeling of freedom and lightness. The front wall and crystal glass door dissolves the boundaries between inside and outside, creating a continuity of space. SweetSteamPro Vision combines the rich tradition of well-being with creativity, innovation and design, realising a concept of great expressive force. This is a visionary project that revolutionises the classic design of steam baths. With its modular system, selected coatings and innovative technologies, SweetSteamPro qualitatively improves the performances of a product that has always provided personal well-being.

● maximum hygiene levels thanks to the crystal glass wall coating (grout surface less than 1%)
● selected, safe materials such as the solid surface seating (inert and antibacterial)
● patented technologies to ensure a healthy ambience (a solid surface-coated cylinder uses the Air Stam System® technique to introduce eucalyptus-scented steam into the cabin, which is mixed with the air and uniformly distributed, avoiding stratification and ensuring better steam quality)
● modular, simple installation (SweetSteamPro is already internally coated and supplied with a wide range of equipment as standard)

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