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Sliding and Rotating System | SL 25
Sliding and Rotating System
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“The Garden”, a modern residential complex in Berlin’s central Mite district, is insulated from the noise of the city, with green courtyards that boast an almost village-like ambience. The ensemble of buildings harks back to the concept of Berlin’s nineteenth-century courtyard gardens, hauling the idea forward into the new millennium. The protruding balconies, spacious terraces and unusual use of open space create garden paradise that acts as a counter-balance to hectic city life. In order to ensure that residents of the flats facing the street can also enjoy their peace and quiet and a little more space to themselves, transparent balcony glazing has been incorporated into the design as a form of sound insulation.
The Solarlux SL 25 balcony glazing insulates the flats from noise measuring up to 22 dB and provides them with extra outdoor living space. The all-glass elements in the flats in “The Garden” have been installed on glass balustrades, which match the building’s architecture and create a facade that runs down to the ground level. Despite their minimalist design, they offer a high level of functionality. The glazing can be opened partially or all the way to maintain that balcony feel.

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The slide-an-turn system offers a combination of sound insulation and driving rain repellency. The continuous glass surface allows an unrestricted view to the outside, so that the balcony can still be used in bad weather. The sliding panels of the system run in a track and can be pushed completely to the left and/or right and can be opened by turning inwards or outwards.