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Ebb & Flow | Round Rug (Beach)
Ebb & Flow
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Product description

Round tuffed rug

Materials :

Wool and Botanical silk.

Thickness :

The “Cut & Loop” tehnique is used for this collection. It corresponds to the lines structure.
The high of the Cut is 12 mm and the Loop is 9 mm.
The total height is 14 mm.

Colors :

Beige, caramel, denim, dark grey.

Dimensions :

Rectangular : 3m x 2m / 3,5m x 2,5m / 4m x 3m / 4,5m x 3,5m / 5m x 4m
Round - Diameter : 2m / 2,5m / 3m / 3,5m / 4m / 4,5m / 5m
Square : 2m / 2,5m / 3m / 3,5m / 4m / 4,5m / 5m

Other sizes : on request

Product family


The Ebb & Flow collection brings an organic and geometric touch to any interior. Ridged bands are carved in ultra-solid materials such as steel. Here, man has tried to replicate the natural erosion which often creates the most exquisite of sculptures, with time and perseverance as it’s only tools. The Ebb & Flow collection proposes rugs, an array of ceiling, desk and floor lamps resembling big pebbles, as well as many different-sized tables, such as coffee tables or consoles. Each piece of the collection was conceived as an unique piece of art, which one can modulate according to one’s color or material preferences.