Product description

ø 73 x H 43 cm (LED 38W)
ø 90 x h 55 cm (LED 38W)
Colour: Prisma
Materials: Lentiflex® with crystal drop

Product family


Light and seductive, this lamp appears to dance on a stage of light.
Adriano Rachele’s design is inspired by the skirt of a ballerina, lifting and folding as she dances, creating perfect sense of balance that fascinates observers.
Completely constructed in Lentiflex®, it is characterised by a fluid, soft and harmonious design.
Inside, it contains very powerful LED lights: some directed upwards, creating a relaxing atmosphere and diffusing the whole space with light; others are arranged in the centre, making all the surfaces shine and creating suggestive reflections between the folds, lending a soft, prismatic effect thanks to the Fresnel effect; still more are directed downwards, to light up a table or furnishing below.
The light is available in two sizes: one smaller size, ideal for enhancing a home setting, the other larger, designed for spaces requiring a stronger, yet perfectly balanced, dramatic impact.