Product description

2 housings in polypropilene with locking system
Lighting element with white led 3000K CRI80 1422lm
Rated luminaire luminous flux 542lm Rated input power flux 18W 230V Computer-simulated photometrics

Product family


Concrete is the leading architectural material of the last century because it redefined the standards of architectural design through the work of the late “Maestros”. Rigorous and poetic, solid and raw, concrete is an essential element for the exterior. Its surface appears crude and natural showing all the patterns of the wooden cast and steel spatula. The contrast between the untouchable lighting effects and the pure strength of the solid concrete structures, designed in simple forms, create a strong emotional impact. Concrete is a living material that ages, transforms and evolves absorbing the surrounding colors, blending, integrating and interacting with the architecture in terms of form and function. The aluminium takes on the more structural part whilst the concrete a more protective aesthetical function leaving the emotional role to the lighting effect.

Lighting Void.
The light blade comes from the concrete. When it’s off, it disappears.
No artifice, just a cut in the concrete with brutal and magic inspiration: Actually a technical prodigy, directly casted into the concrete, the product of a sophisticated and invisible genius to fuse architecture and light in a natural way.
- Marc Sadler

Ghost is a lighting void that is obtained from a polypropilene housing anchored to the retaining panels before pouring the concrete.
Ghost is composed of two elements: the housing and the lighting element.

The housing is in polypropylene and it consists of two complementary parts:
- A jig (1A), which forms the housing, and is extracted together with the retaining panel after completing the casting and removing the anchor screws (2);
- The housing (1B) that remains embedded inside the casting and houses the lighting element.

(The housing is supplied with bolts, locking system and stickers to be applied on the outside of the retaining panels so to secure a perfect alignment for multiple installations of each housing when pouring the concrete).

The lighting element (3) in die cast aluminum is anchored to the casing (1B) through proper screws and it remains completely hided into the void.
The lighting element is hard wired with 3 m cable. Led circuit 230V.

Cast cement

Protection class:

Isolation class:

Mechanical resistance of diffuser:
IK 06

Leds 4000K CRI90 versions are available on request.

This product is manufactured on site during the concrete casting of the wall with hand crafted procedures; therefore, small imperfections caused by the low accurance of the casting, subsidence of the concrete surface, actual and future cracks, colour ripples and variations over time, will be deliberately present and they are a feature of the concrete, proving the hand-made manufacturing procedure.