Product description

Architonic ID 1540244
Order number C.8040W
Year of Launch 2017
Rated luminaire luminous flux: 2077lm
Rated input power: 28W
Luminaire efficacy: 74lm/W
Electronic ballast 220÷230V 50-60Hz

Wall mounted luminaire. IP rating IP 65
Ghost is a lighting void that is obtained from a polypropylene housing anchored to the retaining panels before pouring the concrete. Ghost is composed of two elements: the housing and the lighting element. The housing is in aluminium and it consists of two complementary parts: - A jig , which forms the housing, and is extracted together with the retaining panel after completing the casting and removing the anchor screws; - The housing that remains embedded inside the casting and houses the lighting element. (The housing is supplied with bolts, locking system and stickers to be applied on the outside of the retaining panels so to secure a perfect alignment for multiple installations of each housing when pouring the concrete). The lighting element in die cast aluminum is anchored to the casing through proper screws and it remains completely hided into the void. Mechanical resistance IK 06
This product is manufactured on site during the concrete casting of the wall with hand crafted procedures; therefore, small imperfections caused by the low accurance of the casting, subsidence of the concrete surface, actual and future cracks, colour ripples and variations over time, will be deliberately present and they are a feature of the concrete, proving the hand-made manufacturing procedure. All the versions of Ghost Linear can be connected as a continuous line to obtain a running blade of light. Using the standard Ghost Linear lengths available in the catalogue it is is possible to achieve any specified length and never be more than 22cm from the required length of the concrete structure. We recommend using the longer lengths of Ghost Linear and ending the run with the shorter versions and finish each run with the end caps provided with the luminaires (please allow for at least 5cm of complete wall either end of the concrete void). As an accessory a drilling jig is available for each size of recessed profile of Ghost Continuous line, so to facilitate its alignment to the shutter. Only one drilling jig is required for each size of profile utilized.Considering that ?Running? Ghost Linear continuous line is a linear void of 9cm in depth. We suggest to consult a structural engineer in order to calculate an adegate reinforced concrete structure and dimension.
Toughened glass diffuser. LOR --
Supplied with a pre-wired 6m H05RN-F cable. Isolation: CLASS II . Available colours: Cast cement. Weight: 7.44 Kg Glow Wire test: --
L.E.D circuit included.
This luminaire contains built-in LED modules with energy class: A, A+, A++. In case of damage or malfunction please contact the manufacturer to receive additional instructions on how to replace and relative spare parts to order. The LED modules cannot be handled in the luminaire by the end user (Regulation UE 874/2012).
LED circuit boards are engineered accordingly to actual Lumen Maintenance regulation (LM80) and Technical Memorandum (TM21) where uniformity and quality of light is 50.000 hours referred to L70 B20 Ta 25°C.Lifecycle refers to LED circuit boards only, all others components of the luminaire are excluded.

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Ghost for cast concrete is a luminous void created through a specific recessed housing fixed to the shutters before casting. The LED engine is only installed when the concrete surrounding the housing is completely dry, filling the void with light.
“The light blade comes from the concrete. When it’s off, it disappears. No artifice, just a void in the concrete with brutal and magic inspiration: actually a technical prodigy, directly cast into the concrete, the product of a sophisticated and invisible genius to fuse architecture and light in a natural way.” M. Sadler


Ghost Linear L 1570

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