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The SIGEL board eraser gently cleans non-permanent marker ink from all smooth, sealed surfaces, such as Meet up whiteboards and magnetic glass boards, without scratching the surface. For dry erasing. The board eraser is magnetic and the felt strip can be replaced (pack of 10 replacement felt strips available from the SIGEL range, MU205). Anthracite-coloured plastic casing, 14.5x4.5x4 cm.

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Meet up - Ideas to go. Anywhere. Anytime.
Fast innovation, flexible work structures, transparent communication and teamwork are more important than ever in modern working environments. This, in its turn, increases the importance of new room designs and tools that encourage a culture of collaboration and creativity, and invite the users to think differently. After all, open communication and interaction generate inspiration – and that results in the kind of top performance that is
decisive for the success both of individuals and the whole company.

New challenges need new solutions. And the first job is to find them. SIGEL’s solution is highly innovative: Meet up, the first complete multipurpose board system for agile, collaborative working. With Meet up, project work and teamwork become more transparent, flexible and efficient. These multipurpose mobile boards are the perfect tools for impromptu, hassle-free meetings or workshops, even if there is no room available. In the stand or wall track (available separately), both the whiteboards and the pinboards turn into
flexible tools when a team is using agile, creative working methods. The comprehensive range of accessories allows even more efficiency, alongside the versatile applications of the boards themselves.

A large surface when space is tight
Need to quickly brainstorm something with a colleague but there are no rooms available? Meet up provides the maximum productive work surface, even within the smallest space. Simply insert one or two boards into the versatile stand. This allows several teams to work together or even simultaneously.

From single use to room divider
A freestanding board in the stand can be used from both sides simultaneously. This board system fits into any room. Alternatively, several boards in a row make a surprisingly large work surface and – as a mobile room divider – create a meeting room atmosphere, even in an open-plan office.

Pinboard and/or whiteboard
Once the ideas are flowing, they need to be noted down. Use Meet up as a pinboard. There is plenty of space for drawings, notes or samples on the high-quality fabric surface. Alternatively, the magnetic whiteboard is the perfect place to attach notes or ideas; then simply wipe the coated metal surface clean, write on new notes, attach sticky notes or make use of magnets. Or combine both board types in tent use: the pinboard on one side and whiteboard on the other.

Lean against the wall
Creative processes cannot be forced into a rigid format. This is why the optional aluminium wall track guarantees a secure hold for the board in landscape format. Several wall tracks can be mounted in a row, creating a large horizontal surface. Together with the comprehensive accessories range, the Meet up board system is a flexible project planning tool.