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Everything is kept in its place with this stylish addition to the Artverum magnetic glass boards: the anthracite-coloured pen pot M from the Clip & Organise accessories range ensures perfect organisation. Attach the magnetic clip to the side or bottom edge of the magnetic glass board and click the pen pot into place. The pen pot M has space for approx. ten pens and other larger items such as letters, postcards, sticky note pads, a cleaning cloth, a set of keys and all the other things you need to make the most of your glass board. The pen pot M is suitable for all standard glass boards (with a glass thickness of 3-5 mm; not suitable for the Artverum LED light magnetic glass boards) and can hold a weight of up to 600 g. Made of high-quality synthetic material, with an understated design and rounded corners, the Clip & Organise pen pot M fits snugly onto the edge of the glass board. The product dimensions are 12 x 9.4 x 5.1 cm. Matching accessories with the same anthracite-coloured design are also available for your glass board, such as the pen holder (GL800), the pen pot S (GL801) and the storage tray (GL803).

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Artverum - Set the stage for inspiring interactions
Fast innovation, flexible work structures, transparent communication and teamwork are more important than ever in modern working environments. This, in its turn, increases the importance of new room designs and tools that encourage a culture of collaboration and creativity, and invite the users to think differently. After all, open communication and interaction generate inspiration – and that results in the kind of top performance that is
decisive for the success both of individuals and the whole company.

The Artverum magnetic glass boards are multipurpose, prestigious designer pieces for effective interactions and organisation: projects and ideas are there for all to see in offices and meeting rooms. With Artverum, creative, collaborative working methods are combined with elegant aesthetics, with outstanding quality and product safety. The boards have a clean, free-floating look and are much more than mere designer pieces. They are the ideal setting for interactions and the exchange of ideas in meeting rooms, during projects and teamwork in the office.

Lots of space for inspiration
A large surface area, free-floating, without a frame. Artverum is a contemporary, inspirational tool for meetings, during projects and for teamwork. Several boards can be mounted in a row to form extremely large work surfaces for big ideas. The boards are available in a variety of sizes up to 240 x 120 cm.

Improve project planning in the team
Its surface and other properties make Artverum ideal for agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban. What’s more, contemporary working methods benefit from the wide range of tailored accessories: the progress of a project can be structured and documented for all to see with extra-strong magnets, glass board markers, sticky notes, cards and much more.

Individuality with style
Perfect for freethinkers looking for a beautifully designed, statement work board: the Artverum magnetic glass boards without a frame, in black or red. The white glass board marker creates a striking effect, producing clearly legible notes for stylish presentations. The Artverum Clip & Organise products are the practical way to store accessories discreetly on the board.

Presenting ideas in a representative way
Due to its classy material, the magnetic glass board is the perfect place for thoughts and ideas in any office. The understated design with its straight lines and polished tempered glass make this board a stunning feature for the wall. The smooth, completely sealed surface creates a pleasant, easy-to-use writing surface. And, above all: it is simple to clean without leaving residue.