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Year of Launch 2019
Sound Balance acoustic curve in dark grey, 1 piece. Absorbs sound, optimising the acoustics in open-plan offices. Acoustic efficiency: sound absorption class B, sound absorption coefficient Alpha W = 0.80 (sound absorption coefficient Alpha W as determined by DIN EN ISO 11654), tested and certified by Müller-BBM, an independent institution for acoustic assessment. With a pre-mounted base made of matt anodised aluminium, the curve is simple to assemble and stands securely in the room. The product is assembled by simply sliding the three interlocking side elements of the curve into place. The acoustic curve is 1000x1400x50 mm in size. With an easy-care fabric surface that can also be used as a pinboard. In combination with other colours and sizes, the acoustic curve is ideal for structuring floor space or creating different zones within an office.

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SIGEL Sound Balance Acoustic Solutions
– The Shape of Silence

Open, communicative room designs are one way to help people work
together better. An increasing number of companies are now responding to this
by creating open-plan offices. However, workers in large office spaces suffer
significantly more from noise pollution than those in small offices. Noisy
conversations between colleagues, ringing phones, the tapping of keyboards –
all of these sounds are disruptive. They reduce concentration, interrupt work
and can even be unhealthy.

SIGEL’s Sound Balance range provides a solution: these highly effective
sound absorbers optimize the room acoustics, allowing staff to concentrate and
work in peace. This comprehensive solution meets the highest standards of
acoustic interior planning. At the same time, it comes with an attractive
design ideal for modern working environments.

Easy to Retrofit

The SIGEL Sound Balance acoustic solution is a modular system that
includes both wall-mounted and free-standing elements. The range offers maximum
flexibility for acoustic room design: suitable for small and large surfaces,
mounted with adhesive or with screws, or simply positioned in an available
space. Sound Balance integrates easily into any size or shape of room and
blends in with the furnishing already in place, which is of considerable
advantage when retrofitting existing office spaces.

Versatile Combinations

Wall tiles, partition walls or columns – SIGEL’s Sound Balance products
offer a versatile range of combination options to structure free room space
simply and effectively. This comprehensive solution is extremely flexible:
since the products are so easy to combine, the overall look is always
harmonious. The adaptable, attractive way to optimize room acoustics.

High Level of Sound Absorption

The SIGEL Sound Balance acoustic solution is bound to impress: the
products conform with the highest sound absorption ratings (sound absorption
classes A/B), making them extremely effective. Thanks to this certified high
level of acoustic performance, Sound Balance absorbers ensure a significant
reduction in reverberation time in the office. This is the ideal way to create
a pleasant acoustic atmosphere, allowing staff to work efficiently. The
effectiveness of the products has been tested and certified by Müller-BBM, an
independent institute for acoustics.

Contemporary Aesthetics

The modern design language of the Sound
Balance products with their elegant trapezium and diamond shapes makes them
stand out from the rest. The range of colours comprises three harmonious,
timeless shades. A choice of compatible formats leaves room for creating an
individual design on the wall or for larger surfaces. SIGEL’s Sound Balance
acoustic solution meets the high demands for interior design in contemporary
office environments.

Easy to Mount

The SIGEL Sound Balance acoustic products guarantee
easy, trouble-free mounting. The boards and edges are mounted with screws in
just a few simple steps by means of the practical mounting rail. Thanks to the
tesa® adhesive strips, the tiles can be mounted on smooth surfaces without the
need for drilling. All of the free-standing elements are quick and simple to
assemble and position as required – clever mounting systems that are bound to

Brand Quality

For more than 70 years, SIGEL has stood for
outstanding brand quality. Each Sound Balance product is an acoustically
optimized combination of thermally compressed polyester fibre in a variety of
thicknesses and densities. The outer panels, inner material and high-quality
fabric covering complement each other perfectly, producing a highly effective
sound absorber for the best possible acoustic performance. We give our full
attention to every detail of the manufacturing process, ensuring that the Sound
Balance acoustic solution meets the highest standards of contemporary interior

Certified Product Safety

The SIGEL Sound Balance acoustic sound absorbers carry the TUEV Sued GS
mark for certified product safety. This widely trusted quality mark stands for
independent product testing following strict criteria. It certifies superb
workmanship, high-quality, low-polluting materials, a secure hold once mounted
and a high level of product safety for Sound Balance products.

The Right Accessories for Agile Working

Sound Balance does more than simply help to optimize room acoustics.
Thanks to the intelligently designed range of accessories and fabric surfaces
that double as a pinboard, the products also make a practical contribution to
collaborative agile working. When SIGEL’s magnetic functional accessories such
as the writing panel, flipchart hooks and storage box are attached, the Sound
Balance products also enable the creative exchange of ideas – logical,
multifunctional and cleverly designed.


Acoustic curve Sound Balance, 100 x 140 cm, dark grey

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Acoustic curve Sound Balance, 100 x 140 cm, dark grey


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