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Quartz based reconstituted stone
Quartz based reconstituted stone
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Silestone - Blanco Zeus Extreme

Product description
A reconstituted stone with a highly consistent brilliant white surface. Made from quartz, one of the hardest minerals, this stone is highly durable and easily maintained, though relatively expensive.
Available in very large formats, its through body nature means the edges can be polished to remain exposed, however fabrication costs can be high.
With skilled fabrications, joints can be made inconspicuous creating the appearance of thick monolithic slabs out of thin sections.
Non porous, this product has good resistance to chemicals. An integrated antibacterial finish also makes it suitable for hygiene sensitive environments.
Its composite construction of quartz and a resin binder means this product is not readily recycled but can be downcycled.

Intended applications
• Internal cladding
• Work surfaces
• Internal flooring

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