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grand slam
grand slam
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Horizontal tambour front units

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grand slam, the universal storage system from Sedus, creates just that: the right work setting and the right work mindset. It provides space for everything one needs in the office. And grand slam’s infinite variety of uses and arrangements creates a good atmosphere. Such perfect functionality combined with such attractive features can only mean one thing: this is Sedus Place 2.5 – the new office culture of productive well-being.

Shelves (1 to 6 binder height)
Brochure display cabinets (3 to 6)
Hinged door units (2 to 6 binder height)
Locker units (4 and 5 binder height)
Vertical tambour front units (5 and 6)
Horizontal tambour front units (1 to 5)
Sliding door front units (2 to 4)
Hanging folder units (4 and 5 binder height)
Combi units (5 and 6 binder height)
Drawer element (1 binder height)
Shelving unit (3 to 6 binder height)
Partition (3 to 5 binder height)
Carcass frames (3 binder height)

Unit depths: 436 and 636 mm
System widths: 400 to 1600 mm

Finishes and colours:
13 laminates
14 veneers
3 painted fronts
2 glass fronts
4 tambour front colours
4 base colours
4 sled leg colours